Who is this site for?

Me.  Because I have a lot of questions, and a lot of things I think we should talk about.

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Like most women, I’ve learned how to be a wife and balance it with everything else by watching my mom, my friends, and our culture.  I’ve read books and the Bible.  “Experience is the best teacher,” once said someone important somewhere.  But solitary experience can be lonely.

In marriage, we share life with our husbands, but they can’t exactly relate to being a wife.  They understand us, but not in the way that someone in our shoes would.  My husband is a wonderful listener, and has some profound things to say on this topic, but I had the novel thought to connect with other wives.  I’m not the only married woman trying to forge an identity within that keenly important role.

While everyone has a unique experience, there’s something so affirming about identifying the common threads between your story and someone else’s.  You know that encouragement you feel in your gut when you hear someone else voice the exact emotion you’ve felt?  Yeah.  Hopefully some of the things I write will give you that encouragement.  Or maybe you’ll connect with someone in the comments.

Every marriage is different, and Lord knows there’s a lot of opinions out there.  We probably won’t agree on everything, but I bet we’ll have a lot in common too, even if only our questions.

To make sure the world inside my head isn’t too out of touch with reality, I’ve begun asking friends about their experience as wives who balance their faith, careers, families of origin, household responsibilities, and friendships, while keeping their marriages a top priority.

What questions, topics, or issues do you want us to discuss?  I’d love to get your perspective. Leave a comment here or email me [jacey at the balanced wife dot com].

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