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The air is still humid and heavy, but I can feel it: fall is coming.

Fall is my favorite season. Most of my life, I started school in the fall so I still associate it with new beginnings and a sense of possibility. I also love pumpkin spice lattes, fall scented candles, soup for dinner, crisp mornings, and Thanksgiving.

I intentionally made the most of leisure time this summer, especially since it was the first true time off Mike has had our entire marriage. I gave myself a break on many levels, which turned out to be healing and rejuvenating.

I so enjoyed my fun novels, TV shows, beach days and visit to California that my typical productivity mindset threatened to take a permanent vacation. Thankfully, extra bursts of energy and motivation are starting to reappear in time for fall.

Here’s what I’m excited about this fall:

The non book club literary wine social for readers: I loved my friend Abby’s idea for a literary society so much that I decided to start one here. The premise: instead of reading the same book, everyone shows up prepared to talk about whatever they’ve been reading: books, blogs, tweets, anything.

The first one was a blast, and I added some great new books to my list. Currently on my nightstand: Someday, Someday, Maybe, So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love, and Steve Jobs.


The Influence Conference: Conferences have proved very fruitful for me, but they are a sacrifice, especially while we’re getting out of debt. I have to choose wisely, and I chose Influence this year because it’s a place I can grow as a writer and blogger, but also as a friend, wife, sister and daughter of God.

However big or small this platform is, I want to use it to serve others and to glorify God, and that’s the heart behind Influence:

“We believe that God has given you influence right where you are, for one purpose: to make much of Him. At Influence we’re going to dig into the common thread of all of us – the Good News.”

fave shows

Fall show line up: I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m really looking forward to some of my favorite shows returning!

Expanding my freelance service offerings: I’ve had the idea to help bloggers and online business owners as a virtual assistant for several months, and I’m finally taking the steps to get started. I’m excited and scared, which means I’m probably on the right track.

I’ll only be offering services I’m good at and enjoy doing, including editing and proofreading, email management, blog publishing, and social media administration. I already do some of these on the side, and I’m looking forward to helping more people and helping us accelerate our debt free goal!

Financial Peace University: Mike and I will be leading Dave Ramsey’s 9 week course, Financial Peace University, for the second time. If you’re in the Charleston area and want to learn how to get out of debt, save more, give more, invest for the future, or buy a house, join us! Money can be stressful and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re not in Charleston, find a class here.

Celebrating babies: I’m so excited for the new babies my friends are bringing into the world this fall! I’ve got a lasagna and Caesar salad to deliver to a new momma tomorrow, and I bought several of the throwaway pans in anticipation of the births to come.

Sometimes reading about what other people are doing makes me feel anxious, because I feel like I should be doing all the things, too. If you’re feeling that way at all, know that there are a million things I’m not doing, like working a 40 hour week, caring for children, or going to school. I’d love to inspire someone to start a book club, or join me for Financial Peace University or Influence, but from a place of excitement, not anxiety.

Question: What are you looking forward to this fall?

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5 thoughts on “What’s happening this fall

  1. So much good stuff here. Literary society? I love this idea. I’m part of a few Facebook groups like this.

    Also, next time I’m in Charleston visiting friends, we definitely need to meet up!

    1. Thanks for reading, Amy. I’d love to meet up next time you’re in town! I wish I could make it to Allume this year.

  2. That literary society thing sounds really fun! Also, as a new mom and recipient of many meals from friends — *bless you* for bringing food in throwaway pans. Tracking down people to return their dishes is the last thing I need to deal with right now.

    1. Congratulations on your new baby! I’m glad you have generous friends. I’m sure they’ll understand if they don’t get the Tupperwares back :)

  3. Hi Jace! I really love the idea of the literary society! Right now, we’ve got a Bible study going on every week and we’re about at the end of our study. It might be fun to have a literary society but for Bible verses or passages each week. I also really appreciate your advice for those of us who get very anxious when we read all the wonderful things others are doing and put pressure on ourselves to do those things too. I am doing so many great and exciting things and it’s important for me to remember to stop and celebrate those things, instead of constantly looking for the next thing to accomplish. Last thing, I LOVE that you gave yourself a break this summer! It is so important to put productivity aside and enjoy the little things like TV shows, beaches and lazy days with our husbands. You’re an inspiration and I love reading your journey in achieving balance. I guess that’s why your blog title is so fitting! For me, balance is a lifelong journey/goal and I’m glad I have a good friend like you by my side! Thanks for the great blog! : )

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