What I’m into lately

It’s been awhile since I linked up with Leigh to share what I’m into. Now that life has returned to a post holiday rhythm, here’s what I’m into lately:

1. Steel cut oats: Since I’m not strictly eating paleo in my post Whole 30 life, I’ve been loving oatmeal for breakfast. I have a post coming up next week about my favorite way to make it!

West Elm throw

2. Cuddling up with my West Elm throw: so cozy on these cold days.

3. Pinterest collaboration boards: I recently learned that you can have group boards centered around a particular topic or location. It’s a way to get more exposure for your own pins and share more interesting things with your followers.

Anyone want to join some group boards? I’m going to start some soon, and won’t turn down invitations in the meantime!

sweet potato
Picture and recipe from Alaska from Scratch

4. Using Pinterest for meal planning: Looking forward to using this sweet potato idea this week!


5. PowerSheets: this goal setting tool from Lara Casey has been super helpful in the midst of transition and new projects on the horizon.


6. Winter candles: I’ve been burning mine like crazy instead of trying to “save” them like I usually do. What’s your favorite candle? I could use a new one soon. My favorite one right now is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day in Orange Clove.


7. Target’s Cartwheel app: This app gives extra discounts to Target shoppers. See what’s on sale, add the deals you want, and scan during check out.

I’m still trying to decide if it’s saving me money or inspiring me to spend money I wouldn’t otherwise. Also: doesn’t work if you forget to have them scan the app during checkout, like I did yesterday.

What are you into lately?

19 thoughts on “What I’m into lately

  1. Ooo… I’ve also really been into steel-cut oats lately. I finally read the back of the container which offers a reduced cooking time method which I’ve been using (ie – boil 1 c oats in 4 c water for 1 min. the night before. Stick pot in fridge. Then, the next morning cook for 10 min. Serves 4). So easy!

  2. Yep, I’m all about steel cut oats for breakfast in the winter. I make them similar to the way as A Place to Reside (soak during the day + cook for 10 mins + reheat as needed) then I can eat on that batch for about 4 days. I usually mix in almond butter, fruit or pumpkin, and flax.

  3. Steel cut oats are the best! I’ve been topping mine off with berry sauce (frozen berries and a little bit of maple syrup or stevia, boiled).

    That sweet potato boat looks amazing!

  4. Oh, good stuff here!

    Group boards? I love them too! Let me know what you create and I’d love to join if it fits!

    I’m so glad you posted about the Cartwheel app. I keep hearing it mentioned but unsure of what it was.

  5. Ooh, I can’t decide if that Cartwheel app would be helpful or just plain trouble! And I love oatmeal for a hearty winter breakfast, too!
    I had to laugh about your Breaking Bad comment to me–the first day we watched it, we watched three episodes in a row, and I decided that that was too much time to spend with these people in one day! I needed a break for a few days. We are getting close to the end of the third season now, and while I am enjoying it, I don’t think I’d ever binge watch this show!

  6. I just got steel-cut oats from Trader Joe’s last week but I haven’t made them yet. I’m curious about your recipe! I’ve heard good things about PowerSheets. I might have to investigate further for myself.

    1. Hi Amy! I highly recommend it. I think I wrote two posts on it- once is called “Halfway through Whole 30” and the other is “What Do You Eat During Whole 30?” That one has lots of meal ideas, which might be helpful if you end up doing your own Whole 30!

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