What feels even better than getting new clothes?

better than new clothes

…getting rid of old ones!

I don’t know about you, but something about the new year makes me want to purge the excess- clean eating, clean routines, and clean CLOSETS!

The only storage we have is a deep, oddly shaped entryway closet. Getting anything in or out requires the you to be a Tetris prodigy, but in real life.

Upon returning from a long Christmas trip, we needed to put away all of our Christmas decorations and suitcases in said closet. From equal parts frustration and new year’s resolution glow, we almost manically built a Goodwill pile out of all the superfluous junk that had accumulated in the past year.

Before I knew it, we were upending drawers, going through our bedroom closets, piling clothes we haven’t worn all year, and the whole process feels like a really deep exhalation.

The fewer steps I have from the start of a project to its fulfillment, the greater my odds of actually finishing the project. So often, an inspired clean out ends with a pile of junk sitting in my living room for weeks (months?) until I finally get rid of it.

When it comes to clothes, I found a solution that limits my steps. Thred UP is an online consignment store. I request a clean out bag from their website, they ship it to me, and I fill it with my (gently worn and laundered) clothes and shoes. The postage is prepaid, so USPS can pick it up from my house.

Once Thred UP receives my stuff, they decide which things they want and email me a summary of what I’ve earned. (Tell her what she’s won!) They donate anything they don’t buy.

I can use the money as store credit to buy consignment items from their site immediately, or I can wait a week and get the cash.

I’ve also made some great finds on the buying end. I needed a hat for cold dog walks (one that wasn’t Mike’s10 year old beanie) and I used some Thred UP credit to get the one pictured above.

I found these Joe’s skinny jeans that I wear a few times a week now:

Joes jeans

If you have a specific item in mind and know your sizes in certain brands, Thred UP can be a great option.

This time of year, though? I love the streamlined approach to cleaning out my closet. A little extra cash in my pocket doesn’t hurt, either.

Do you find yourself eager to clean out during this time of year, too?

If you’re interested in trying Thred UP, use my link and you’ll get a $10 credit to get you started. (And I’ll get $10 in credit, too.)

This is not a sponsored post.

12 thoughts on “What feels even better than getting new clothes?

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned that they take your old stuff, Jacey! I didn’t know that and will totally send them stuff now–because you’re right, the only thing better than getting new stuff is purging! :)
    Have you heard of Twice? Similar idea, I think.

  2. How fair to you think they are on pricing as far as what they pay you? I have a few items with tags on that I was thinking of posting on ebay, but that would be more effort than this.

    1. I honestly don’t know, because I don’t do consignment for often. I mostly do it for the convenience of being able to send my clothes and forget about it!

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