Updating my fall wardrobe with Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a women’s styling service.

How it works: After filling out a detailed style profile, a Stitch Fix stylist sends 5 items she thinks you’ll love. You have 3 days to try everything on and decide what to keep. Shipping is free both ways, and the $20 styling fee applies toward anything you keep. If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount.

I’ll list some pros and cons of the service at the end of this post.

This is my third Fix and it was my best so far, which isn’t surprising because I’ve given feedback on the previous 2 Fixes, so they’re learning my style. Here’s what my stylist sent:

Harlow plaid button up cotton shirt

Harlow Plaid Button-Up Cotton Shirt: The colors, fit and style were all perfect. I asked for things that would easily transition into fall, and this shirt fits the bill there, too. Definitely a keeper!

Beatty striped ruffle detail blazer

Beatty Striped Ruffle Detail Blazer: Stripes, ruffles, classic black and white – everything about this blazer called my name…until I put it on. The fit wasn’t quite right across the chest (too tight) and I didn’t like the overall look. I also apparently thought the camera was somewhere else.

Porter basic leggings

Porter Basic Leggings: I pulled the dress up to show you the leggings. They were super comfortable, and thick so they could be worn in winter, but I just don’t wear leggings that much. When I do, I opt for the cheap version and didn’t want to invest in a nicer pair.

Circle & rhinestone charm necklace

Circle & Rhinestone Charm Necklace: I want to start wearing more necklaces, but since I didn’t love this one, I knew it would just sit in my jewelry box. The circle is always moving around, which would be distracting to a non-necklace wearer like me.

Elijah striped hi-lo knit shirt

Elijah Striped Hi-Lo Knit Shirt: I loved everything about this shirt. It is super lightweight and comfy. It also has the cute hi-lo detail, which is kind of hard to see in this picture. Bummer, though: there was a tiny hole in the shoulder. I emailed to ask for a replacement, and this was the last one they had. :(

What I love about Stitch Fix

  • Getting clothes shipped to my door that I didn’t have to spend time picking out. I love trying on at home where I can see how the clothes pair with other items already in my closet.
  • Expanding my horizons into clothes I wouldn’t normally try on. A dress came in my first Fix that I would never have picked up in the store, but it has become one of my work wardrobe staples.
  • Getting accessories since I never shop for them on my own. (I haven’t kept any of the jewelry they’ve sent so far, but I think I will soon!)
  • Following them on Instagram for style ideas and pretty pictures.
  • Getting referral credit when friends use my link to get their first Fix! (Thanks to those of you who have!) Once you schedule your first Fix, you’ll get a referral link you can share with your friends.

What I don’t love about Stitch Fix:

  • Being disappointed when I don’t like items they’ve sent. Fixes do tend to improve after you give feedback, though.
  • Having to send back items I love because they aren’t in my budget.
  • Most everything I’ve gotten has cost more than I would normally spend on that type of item. Even though you include budget preferences in your profile, the average cost of a Stitch Fix item is $65, according to their website. I rarely spend that much on one item. I usually shop at consignment stores or buy things on sale at the outlets.

I’m using Stitch Fix every so often as a fun treat when I have  birthday money, money set aside in my budget for clothes that month, or when I have referral credit! I’ll share another post about how I’ve been able to squeeze the most out of my wardrobe budget soon.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What did you think?

The links to Stitch Fix are my referral links, which means I’ll get a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you schedule your first Fix.

8 thoughts on “Updating my fall wardrobe with Stitch Fix

    1. I look forward to seeing what you got! I ended up sending back the striped T shirt because of the hole, sadly. I wish they’d had a replacement!

  1. The dress you’re wearing with the leggings is SO CUTE!

    I’m getting my first fix next week. A little nervous!!

    1. Thanks! It was a consignment store find. :) The WORST CASE scenario with Stitch Fix is that you don’t like anything and are out $20. I’ve had a lot of fun with it and I think you will too! Let me know how it goes.

  2. Hi, I’m visiting for the Influence link. I have ordered one Stitch fix box and really lucked out. I kept all five pieces and spent about $200. I needed new professional clothes for pending interviews and everything worked perfect. I hope to order another fix when I can. Like you said, for special treats that you save up for. Overall I loved the presentation and packaging so much. The little tags with the outfit ideas, etc. I had a shirt that was too small and I was able to exchange it for a size up – again, I really lucked out. I love that Striped Jacket. But I do see how it is gathered wrong in the bust-area :) The overall cut looks really cute on you though.

    1. Hi Jessica, thank you for stopping by! I hope we can meet at the conference. Now that you’ve seen HUGE pictures of me on the Internet, hopefully you’ll easily recognize me in person. :) You may be the first person I’ve met that’s kept ALL five items, especially on a first Fix! That’s fantastic, and gives me hope for next time!

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