Things I learned in April

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1. I’m a slow starter and adopter. A new book, a new app, a new project: I analyze and process them all. But when I’m ready to dive in? I dive head first.

2. There’s an app to make your writing more like Hemingway’s.

3. The Urban Outfitters online sale section is a great source for home decor, even if you don’t shop there for clothes. Think Anthropologie, divided by five.

4. The Office (the American version), was originally ridiculed and the television industry widely predicted/ hoped it would fail. (I listened to an interview with BJ Novak, one of the show’s writers, where he mentioned the show’s shaky beginnings.)

5. Stephen Colbert, all joking aside, has some serious thoughts about faith.

6. I should’ve added this marvel (pictured above) to my wedding registry, although it wasn’t invented then. Am I the only one who had no idea what I’d actually need when I registered for wedding presents? Marble rolling pin, I’m looking at you.

7. That “baby smell” is a real thing. It consists of roughly 250 chemicals and lights up the brain’s reward center, like chocolate. (Thank you, Real Simple’s The Realist column by Julia Edelstein for this little tidbit.)

8. If you’re looking for a task management and checklist app that you can share, try Wunderlist. Mike and I have been using it for grocery and Target lists after Rachael recommended it on Instagram. So far, we love it!

9. Maxi dresses are the new love of my summer life. I picked up this one at Target (pictured above). I never believed I could feel so comfortable and chic at the same time!

(Side note: not totally sure on the definition of “chic.” You may have noticed this isn’t a fashion blog. But I feel chic typing it.)

What have you been learning?

Deep thoughts, fun facts, pop culture tidbits all welcome! If you have a blog, write a post and link up with Emily.

8 thoughts on “Things I learned in April

  1. oh, that baby smell…it has been a while….and if I could re-do my wedding registry from 23 years ago, I would :) slow adopter here too….

  2. I love ALL of this! Recently fell in love with maxi dresses myself, you mean I can wear something comfy in the summer without shaving my legs? Yes please. I’m also SUUPER grateful the Office didn’t fail! :)

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