The opposite of an identity crisis

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The overwhelming, overarching source of anxiety, stress and inner turmoil in my 20’s boils down to one thing: identity confusion. At the root of so many of my questions about work, roles, and strengths is a more insidious one: will this make me enough?

Identity is the place where personality, roles, beliefs, strengths and interests come together, but the stakes can seem much higher. It can feel like worthiness is at stake – dependent on achievement, uncontrollable circumstances, and other people’s perceptions.

The Christian answer is that worthiness is not tied up in anything we can earn or lose, that our most valuable identity point is the one that says we belong to God. This is an answer I believe, but has felt outside my day to day anxieties. “Christian” has often become yet another label to layer on top of wife, introvert, podcaster.

I believe God when He says true satisfaction and freedom are in Christ. So what do I do with this disconnect? What does security in my own worth and satisfaction in my identity in Christ look like, and what’s keeping me from it?

These are questions I’ve been thinking, praying and writing about for the past couple years, and I’ll be teaching an online class for The Influence Network on it tomorrow night, March 24th. We’ll explore how an identity rooted in Christ frees us to serve, love and work confidently. We’ll sift through how culture and personality influence identity, and what it looks like for the gospel to shine into those places. I’d love for you to join us!

Here’s a one minute video with more about this class:

If you’re a member of The Influence Network, all classes are free to you and the recording is available for 72 hours after the live class! If you’re not a member, you can join and cancel at anytime, or purchase this class à la carte and you’ll get permanent access to it.

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