Sunday benediction: steps of faithfulness

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May visions of greatness and glory not eclipse the all important, unglamorous daily devotion. The steps of faithfulness may feel minuscule, the inching progress almost imperceptible, but they are far from meaningless.

When we could harbor a resentment but instead choose the hard conversation –

When we say sorry, hearts in our throats and eyes brimming with regret –

When we smile at people we think are nothing like us (but they are hungry for love, just like us,) –

When we rise from warm beds to meet God with hair askew and sleep in our eyes –

When we slice the crusts off bread, make our beds, go running –

These are the conversations that open the door to new beginnings, the first stirrings of tidal shifts, smiles that affirm dignity, habits that build character. Moments we mistake for nothing may turn out out to be everything. They may show the world, little by little, a radical love it has scarcely seen.

I’ve been sharing a benediction on Instagram each weekend for about eight months. I thought I’d start sharing them here on the blog as well. Let me know what you think!

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