Ordinary moments (#OnedayHH)

If you follow me on Instagram, I may have driven you a little crazy yesterday. I was participating in One Day with Laura of Hollywood Housewife, in which we share pictures of the ordinary moments of an ordinary day.

I love looking back with nostalgia on what once seemed commonplace, so the idea appealed to me. I’m storing the memories of my One Day, November 13th, 2013 here on my own blog:

morning coffee
Post workout coffee for a cold day


Jesus Calling


venture magazine
Working on a submission for Venture Magazine




Love this necklace from Suzie Studios


mike and jack


Our backyard: the Citadel practice football field


Harvest keeps my multiple clients and project organized


washing machine
Throwin’ in a load of laundry (in my kitchen) during a late lunch break


toilet paper
Trying out Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program for toilet paper


Joes jeans
Luckily there was fun mail, too! New to me Joe’s Jeans from Thred Up, along with a Nike jacket and workout shirt, all for $24 thanks to referral credit and great prices!


Packing light
Out running some work errands, listening to this book.


Celebrating the end of Financial Peace University and progress made by all!

I really enjoyed the experience, and encourage you to try it sometime! I love Instagram, and would love to connect with you there!

4 thoughts on “Ordinary moments (#OnedayHH)

  1. I’m sort of super in love with your haircut. I’ve been toying with going (much) shorter, but a pixie won’t work. Yours is so darling!

    (Thanks for participating in One Day. It was so fun.)

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