Note to self and the internet

I try to make a point of not being too busy. I try not to be a frantic, flitting person who gives the impression that I rushed here from somewhere else, and cannot possibly give my full attention because I’m texting someone else to let them know I’ll be late to the next thing. (Although I am still often late to “the next thing” and often forget to let anyone know because I’m immersed in what I’m doing.)

I try not to talk about how busy and stressed I am. No one wants to hear it, even if it’s true. Busy has become somewhat of a status symbol, and it costs too much

But some days, like today, I feel overwhelmed and stressed out and like I have too many things to do. And I want to tell people about it.

So, I’m telling the internet because when I told my husband he said I should reboot, decide to have a great day and start tackling my tasks. When I scoffed at such advice, I immediately realized that I didn’t want actual input, just some validation.

That I’m feeling this way on the heels of two unimportant but still disappointing rejections should not surprise me. I’m not proud, but I’m not surprised.

Since I’m ignoring my actual to do list to write this, I’m going to make it productive by sharing some reminders I give myself in these moments:

  1. You chose everything on your calendar. If you don’t like it, choose differently.
  2. You have enough time to do everything essential if you use your time well, and even if you squander some as we’re all apt to do. If you boil your list to the essentials and scrap everything else, your late start/internet rabbit trail/unexpected phone call will not keep you from getting it done.
  3. Scrap “everything else” more often. If it didn’t have to get done today, does it ever have to get done? Do you do it out of habit, routine, or because it helps keep you busy and therefore feeling productive and important?
  4. If you still want to argue that you don’t have enough time, be honest and replace “I don’t have time” with “It’s not a priority.”
  5. If you were suddenly overcome by a deep sleep and nothing else you planned to do got done today, would anyone die? Would anyone notice? Would you care tomorrow?
  6. If the answer to #5 is no, consider taking a brief nap. Sometimes it’s all you need.

I’m feeling much better now. Before writing this, I did feel compelled to share this on Instagram:


I’m sorry. I will not try to prove my importance to the world by posting flustered pictures about how stressed I am. Even when I am.

Question: How do you handle feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

4 thoughts on “Note to self and the internet

  1. Sometimes I choose to take a break – popcorn (my comfort food) and a movie – comdey to laugh and get rid of a little stress. ☺

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