More holiday cheer; less screen time

less screen time

I had a lot of things in mind when I started this series. I wanted to experience a holiday season filled with joy and peace, which meant opting out of unnecessary pressures, comparison, and some expectations.

While I’ve been deliberate with activities, my digital consumption has been as ravenous as ever. I’ve broken my own social media rules, read blogs like it’s my job and pinned until the screen looked like a blur of tinsel and snowflakes.

Feeling content with how I’m celebrating the season is a lot harder when I’m constantly putting other people’s celebrations in my face.

The internet is not to blame for my discontent, now or ever. I’m in control of my own thinking, and I don’t need to quit the internet to be happy.

On the other hand, taking a break is healthy. My outrage at the slow internet in the airport, followed by an only half-kidding rant about how lightning fast internet should be free everywhere, suggested that it’s time for one.

Work and the length of our trip don’t make an internet fast possible for the entire trip, but I can certainly dial it back.

I’d like to have some screenless family time. I’d like to do some writing and reflecting without input from the rest of the internet in the back of my mind.

No hard and fast rules, but I know that doing less to build more this season certainly includes less screen time.

This post is part of the doing less to build more: holiday edition series.

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