January goals: an update

January goals update

At the beginning of the month, I linked up with Hayley to share January goals. Check out her post to see the inspiring women who have linked up there!

It’s easy to say all the things I’m going to do, but the real accountability comes in now, at the end of the month, when I share updates on how it all went.

Here were my January goals:

  • Submit two guest posts: nope. I did submit one, though!
  • Outline which projects I plan to work on each quarter (with room for change, of course!)
  • Send thank you letters to people who touched my life in a special way in 2013
  • Learn to use my Day Designer effectively: I love this planner. (Pictured above)

Did you set 2014 goals? I’m still working through my PowerSheets. Looking forward to the plans and unexpected surprises 2014 will bring!

2 thoughts on “January goals: an update

  1. I’m not sure how guest posting works but I would love to have you guest post on Abiding Marriage. I’m trying to open up our blog for other voices to discuss about the realities of married life. Email me at Laurenbhanson@gmail.com if you are interested! Great job on meeting most of your goals!

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