January goals

january goals

I’m linking up with Hayley to share January goals. Check out her post to see the inspiring women who have linked up there! Maybe even link up your own post? Or share you goals in the comments.

I’ve struggled with 2014 planning, and I’m still in the process. There’s something about setting small, measurable goals on a monthly basis that’s less intimidating and really productive.

When I make thoughtful goals for the month, it helps me focus on what I think is most important right now. It gives me the freedom to change and shift my plans, to be more prayerful and less pressured. I certainly can’t do everything right now, but I can decide what matters and prioritize accordingly.

Here are my goals this month:

  • Submit two guest posts
  • Outline which projects I plan to work on each quarter (with room for change, of course!)
  • Choose my one word that will be my theme for the year
  • Send thank you letters to people who touched my life in a special way in 2013

This practice of writing goals publicly has been daunting and encouraging for me. What are your goals this month?

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8 thoughts on “January goals

  1. If you’d like to do a guest post swap sometime, I’d love that! I am taking small steps towards eating healthier… this month I’m focusing on ONLY eating healthy snacks. Passing up office treats is so hard!

  2. I love your goal of sending letters to people who impacted you in 2013! I thought about that, and maybe I should just do it, too. I’ve decided to take all of January to pray over my goals for 2014. I don’t think it should be something to rush through. It takes the pressure off for me.

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