It’s that time again: March goals

March goals

February has flown by. I suppose it is a short month, but still. It’s the end of the month and time to check in with the goals I set for last month and set new ones for March.

First, a February recap:

1. Finish Redefining Balance ebook – I changed this goal midway through the month. I kept many of the ideas but streamlined them into an ebook on living intentionally in a chaotic world that I think is even more important.

2. Host two dinners at our house for people we want to know better – we got creative to accommodate schedules so we only hosted one dinner, but we spent intentional time with people more than twice. Since the end goal was to intentionally spend time with people we want to know better, I’m counting this as a win.

3. Go on a special date with Mike – yes! We went on a couple dates and spent some good quality time together at home and in coffee shops, too. This is a major win because we’ve also been watching more TV this month than we normally do.

4. Exercise 3-4 days a week – I’m citing a couple tough health weeks as my excuse here, though it might take me another month to really establish a rhythm.

It’s a new month! Setting the intention with these goals:

1. Finish intentional living ebook, and implement promotion plan. (I’d love your help with this one! Sign up here to get a free sample. Any suggestions or feedback you have would be so appreciated as I finish up.)

2. Spend time with people I want to know better on two different occasions, and visit with an online friend in real life.

3. Take medicine everyday. My recent lupus symptoms are due at least in part to the fact that I am the worst patient ever, and skip my medicine more often than I take it.

4. Read one fiction book and finish The Creative Habit.

5. Try something new for the first time. I’m leaving this one open ended, but I’d like to make adventures a bigger part of my everyday life.

I’m linking up with Hayley Morgan. What are your goals this month?

12 thoughts on “It’s that time again: March goals

  1. I’ve been clicking through Hayley’s linkup list and JUST commented on One Simple Thing’s blog about how hard it is to make the choices you know will make you feel better (drinking green smoothies, taking your medicine, eating healthy, etc). What is that?!!

  2. Your second goal is similar to mine, which is to have people over for dinner. The goal is community, intentional conversation and just seeking to love others well. I hope you get that one done because it’s so life giving for you and others! Yay community-type goals.

    1. Yay! Last month, I made having people over for dinner my goal, and realized that sometimes the connections happened in different ways. So I broadened it a bit this month. Like you, I’m ultimately seeking community!

  3. I’ve started reading fiction again (The Harry Potter series) and I have been amazed at what it is doing to my writing and creative brain! I will definitely need to keep this habit!

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