Influence Conference: what I’m bringing + anticipating


I’m super excited to head to the Influence Conference later this month! Today I’m linking up with some of the other ladies who will be there. If you’re here from the link up, thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to meet you in person.

What I’m bringing:

1. An open mind: I am trying to keep my expectations about what the weekend will look like to a minimum so that I’m available for what God wants to work in my heart and who He wants me to meet.

2. My new business cards: this conference gave me a reason to get a new card that would describe what I do.

New business card

What I’m looking forward to:

1. Community: I’m excited to meet women I can connect with spiritually who also do stuff online! Meeting in person really solidifies those online relationships.

2. The speakers: I love hearing different perspectives and soaking in wisdom from people who’ve gone before me. I just finished listening to the audio recording from Influence 2012, and it was incredible. Plus, I’m an introvert, so listening quietly will be my opportunity to recharge!

7 thoughts on “Influence Conference: what I’m bringing + anticipating

  1. finding you through the link up and i’m so glad i did! i’m trying to get a “married ladies dinner” together friday night and i think you’d be the perfect fit if you’re free!

  2. Meeting in person totally solidifies relationships. I agree and that is one of the things I’m most excited about as well.

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