I don’t want to be weak

2 Corinthians 129

This verse is hard for me to accept.

I want to be an asset, not a liability. I want my friends and families to see my as capable and strong, someone they can depend on. I want them to tell me their fears and worries because they know I can handle it. I don’t want anyone to cut me slack or give me a break, because I don’t want to need one.

But I’m on dangerous ground when I try to live from my own strength and deny my need for grace. I need grace from God, and I need it from everyone in my life. Denying so is a fruitless and exhausting fight.

His grace is sufficient. It is enough, and I am enough.

Admitting weakness is hard, but it unlocks the power of Christ, which is a pretty sweet reward. I can accept my weaknesses and rest in His power, not mine.

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