Homemade ricotta (it’s easier than you think)

I flip through Martha Stewart Living but rarely make any of her recipes. I don’t love cooking, so I usually don’t want to spend the excessive amount of time it takes to churn my own butter or make pumpkin puree from actual pumpkins or whatever domestic overachievement Martha requires.

When I saw this recipe for ricotta cheese, however, it looked pretty straightforward, and didn’t require any obscure ingredients: just good ‘ole milk, cream, lemon juice and salt. 

fresh ricottaFor those of you like me who don’t read ahead in recipes, only to find yourself missing a key ingredient halfway through, I’ll go ahead and bold this part: you need cheesecloth and a candy thermometer.

I couldn’t find the recipe I used online, but I did find an even easier one that doesn’t require cheesecloth or a candy thermometer. So there you go.

There are many things I don’t think are worth the trouble of making at home, but ricotta has now joined pie crust on the short list of foods that are worth it. 

We ate it for dinner with pomegranate seeds on these amazing brioche toasts I bought at Trader Joes. I ate mine with a side of bacon, because why not? Mike acted like I was crazy at first, but then asked for a bite.

The next night, Mike stuffed the remaining ricotta, mixed with some mozzarella and egg, into manicotti shells. He poured jarred sauce on top and it was so. good. (Red sauce is another food worth making from scratch, but we didn’t have the time or forethought to make it this week.)

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture. I ate it before I thought to take one.

Question: What foods do you think are worth making from scratch?

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