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I’m participating in Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday. It’s a really fun exercise- she posts a prompt and invites people to write for 5 minutes and post their unedited words. This week’s prompt is “Fly.”

Next week features one of the busiest travel days of the year.

I don’t mind flying. To me flights are for indulgent reading and work uninterrupted by WiFi, which is to say, the stuff dreams are made of.

Back before I admitted that I’m an introvert, I’d exhaust myself making conversation with my seat mate. Sometimes I still do, and I almost never regret it.

Five years ago, I had been job hunting for 9 months when I sat next to a woman on an airplane, told her my story, and had a job within a week.

I’ve also heard perspectives from people who would never normally cross my path, fascinating people. Whether they served as a glimpse of wisdom or a cautionary tale, I always learn something in these airplane conversations.

I’ve given away copies of my children’s book. Ever since I realized that sometimes God answers prayers on airplanes, I think about whether I’m sitting next to someone by coincidence or not. I wonder if God has something for me to say or hear.

Other times, I avoid eye contact and fire up my Kindle (which I can do during take off now!). For me, planes are possibility and rest, albeit a bit cramped.

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4 thoughts on “Holiday plane trips

  1. This is an awesome snapshot of the possibility that is always available to us. And I love that it is on a plane. Your words about feeling exhausted by making conversation with your seat mate resonates deeply with me. Even though I lean more toward extravert than introvert, there are times when I just want to be cocooned in my own bubble.

    Your words remind me that God sometimes has something in store for us, a blessing we cannot know if we do not venture forth from our safe spot.

    Thank you for sharing this picture from your life. It’s lovely.

    stopping by from Five Minute Fridays….

  2. I loovvee flying but rarely engage my seatmates. I always do wonder about why everyone around me is flying and want to hear their stories but never want to invade their privacy either. If someone strikes up a conversation, I’m happy to talk, otherwise, I have my nose in a book!

  3. I’m flying to California in 3 weeks and have been trying not think about the flying part of my trip because it gives me anxiety. I really hate flying and have tried a lot of different strategies to get through it but never anything from a perspective of what I could get out of it (or cause someone else to get out of it). Thank you for providing a positive perspective and a possible “upside” to flying.

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