Five minute Friday: truth

I’m participating in Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday, where she invites us to write for 5 minutes and post what we’ve written without editing. I did mine by hand so I wouldn’t cheat, but my handwriting is a little hard to read. :)
2013-11-07 08.22.36

5 thoughts on “Five minute Friday: truth

  1. Oh I have such similar thoughts in my mind sometimes too, I can so relate. This post is a blessing. Be sure to take time to type it out when you have a spare moment (since those are soooo easy to come by…) so some search engines can find it. There’s a lot of encouragement here other women randomly googling need to find too :)

  2. You are a daughter of the King. You matter. You don’t have to do enough to be worth so much more and loved so much more than you know.

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