February goals

February goals

I’ve really enjoyed linking up with Hayley the past few months to share my monthly goals!

Here’s what I hope to make happen in February:

1. Finish Redefining Balance ebook

2. Host two dinners at our house for people we want to know better

3. Go on a special date with Mike

4. Exercise 3-4 days a week

What are your goals this month? Share in the comments, or write your own post and link up with Hayley!

23 thoughts on “February goals

  1. Those are great goals! We love having good friends over for dinner but I’ve never really thought about inviting people I just wanted to get to know better. At least not consciously. I think I will add it to my list :)

  2. hey Jacey!! Thanks for sharing your goals :) I love the dinner idea- I am going to have to keep that in mind for my goals in the next few months. Hope you’re doing well. xo

  3. Some date nights are definitely on my to-do list. :) I’m also going to squeeze in a call to a long distance good friend and a visit to my sister.

  4. I love the dinner hosting goal! It’s something I feel like I think about a lot and then decide to do (the ever elusive!) “later”. I hope you enjoy it!

  5. I’m hoping for a date night, a mini-vacation, and a little self-care in the form of some much needing rest and pampering myself.

  6. Like so many others who commented, I love the hosting dinner goal. There are so many new couples coming into our church that I would love to get to know. We talk and talk about having people over, but I never thought about setting it as a concrete goal. I’m adding that to my March list!

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