Doing less to serve myself

serve yourself less


Isn’t it our way to rise and busy ourselves all day attending to our own needs, until we fall into bed exhausted?

The quickest path I can take to discontent and unthankfulness is a constant stream of self centered thoughts.

Even getting out of my own head for one minute to text a friend an encouraging word or say a quick prayer for a friend who’s struggling reminds me of that all important truth: it’s not all about me. 

You are important and vital, yes. Your life matters. Hear that.

But don’t spend so much time looking for affirmation that you miss the lives around you, waiting to be touched.

Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to be invited. Everyone needs to know they matter.

What if I spent less time trying to prove to the world and myself how much my life matters, and told someone else how much theirs does instead?

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