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For the month of October, I’m joining the Nester and hundreds of other bloggers to post every day about one topic. My chosen topic is “Doing less to build more.” I couldn’t be more excited about this topic, but it’s going to be a  s t r e t c h  for me to post every day for 31 days. That’s why it’s call a challenge, right? It would be my great joy if you would join me.

(Scroll below links to read Day 1)

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Day 4: When silence says more than words

Day 5: Doing less at home

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Day 7: A myth and the truth

Day 8: On being yourself

Day 9: It’s quitting time

Day 10: I need a favor

Day 11: What “I don’t have time” really means

Day 12: Lessons learned from incurring massive debt as newlyweds

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Day 14: For your Sunday

Day 15: Do you need a healthier media diet?

Day 16: You can’t be anything you want to be

Day 17: Spending (a little) less to win big financially

Day 18: 6 services I’d rather pay for than do myself

Day 19: Gratitude quote and graphic

Day 20: I don’t want to be weak

Day 21: Eating less junk

Day 22: What we miss when we’re too busy

Day 23: Invite them into the mess

Day 24: Doing less in the kitchen (without paying for it)

Day 25: Why is it so hard to say no?

Day 26: Advice from an older self

Day 27: Less worry

Day 28: Spending less time and money on clothes

Day 29: Have you believed these lies?

Day 30: Doing less to serve myself

Day 31: A final word

Here’s what to expect from this month, y’all, starting with some background: 

I named this site The Balanced Wife because it’s what I want to be. Also because The Perfectionist Wife, The Neurotic Wife or The Uptight Wife didn’t sound like something anyone would want to read, including me. I want to say goodbye to her.

How I define balance:

Using and stewarding the resources we’ve been given well.

Not doing everything, but doing the important things.

Giving up the race to meet everyone else’s expectations.

Letting go of unrealistic, exhausting standards.

Focusing on priorities, and not everything can be a priority.

Here’s how I know that the tendency some of us have to do and be everything is unhealthy: it’s rooted in fear. 

Fear of being “found out” as less than perfect. Fear of missing out. Fear of letting others down. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection.


The frantic juggling act to keep up comes from fear and weakness, not power and love.

I believe that when we put down the balls- not drop the ball, but intentionally choose which ones to put down and which ones to pick up- we can actually accomplish more.  

More of what matters, that is. More quality relationships. More important conversations. More soaking in the Word. More listening for that still, small voice. More walks in the park and back rubs and relaxed dinner parties and spontaneous laughter.

Some themes you can expect to read here this month:

Death to the phrase “I don’t have time.”

Receiving and asking for help with grace

Saying yes to what matters and no to everything else

Making decisions out of love, not fear

Using strengths and admitting weaknesses

Some housekeeping:

If you’re subscribed to get every post by email, I’ve set the emails to go out only twice a week so I don’t bombard your inbox daily. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do that here.

What comes to mind when you hear “doing less to build more”?

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19 thoughts on “Doing less to build more

  1. Since my own 31 days series is about honesty, I have to confess that I desperately need to read your posts on asking for and receiving help with grace and saying no to things that don’t matter! Thanks for writing this!

  2. I just found your series Jacey and the start to your series is exactly what I needed to remind myself of this morning. I’m actually doing the #31days, writing about freedom from expectations, but your themes really struck me. Even as I join in on 31days I need to evaluate all of these:

    Death to the phrase “I don’t have time.”
    Receiving and asking for help with grace
    Saying yes to what matters and no to everything else
    Making decisions out of love, not fear
    Using strengths and admitting weaknesses

    Thank you! Looking forward to following along!

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