December goals

Get your copy of Jessi's December printable calender here!
Get your copy of Jessi’s December printable calender here!

I really enjoyed linking up with Hayley last month to share my November goals. I did a recap about how I did in November, and now I’m ready for December. (Well, ready might not be the appropriate word. But it’s here nonetheless!) So here’s what I want to accomplish:

  • Choose thoughtful, meaningful gifts for my family and stay within budget
  • Pack for holiday travel before the last minute
  • Submit one guest post
  • Read Scripture out loud with Mike several times a week
  • Write holiday edition of doing less to build more series
  • Read a fun novel

What are your goals this month? Link up with Hayley or share in the comments!

17 thoughts on “December goals

  1. I love your goal of reading scripture out loud with your husband- such an encouraging, thoughtful idea! My husband and I have just started doing that with our Advent scriptures. :)

  2. Seems so doable, but all really valuable goals. I think you may be very very skilled at goal-setting. :) Tell me your secrets! xo.

          1. Hmmm… I just finished Me before You. It’s good, but a little sad. My favorite “fun” kind of novels to read are mysteries, so maybe a classic like Murder on the Orient Express?

  3. Love your goals! I’m such a last minute packer :/ mine is to slow down and focus on advent, and to do my traditional end of year inventory & goal setting. I’ve been doing it for 5 years now and it’s great!

      1. Oh, it’s been truly ridiculous. Tons of huge life events and not one of them was anticipated last January. My inventory is actually 30 questions to ask about the year ahead, so I go back and look at what I said last year, how I did, and what my answers are for the coming year.

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