Avoiding the sugar crash


I haven’t been feeling well since Thanksgiving week- almost daily headaches, a couple migraines, a sore throat, nausea and lack of appetite. I’ve been uncharacteristically anxious and on edge.

I know exactly why. After feeling more energized than ever during Whole 30, I decided to indulge in the holiday foods I always enjoy. The problem is that it wasn’t just for the day of Thanksgiving. There is no shortage of indulgent food around this time of year, and I haven’t done a good job limiting my intake.

Sugar contributes to anxiety and depression. The extra pressures of the holidays can be stressful, and increased sugar consumption probably doesn’t help.

I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and would never suggest we avoid all the delicious treats. This year, I’m paying too high a price, though. For the rest of the season, I plan to avoid the mindless eating and only eat the sweets that will really be worth it.

Like my mom’s cinnamon rolls. We’ve had them each Christmas morning my entire life. As a child, my mom used the same recipe with her own mom. When I bite into one of those, it tastes like Christmas and comfort and safety and hope. It reminds me to be grateful for a happy childhood, grateful for a family still close in heart if distant in miles.

That’s a treat that’s worth it.

What is your favorite holiday treat? Are you prone to overdoing it, like me?

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2 thoughts on “Avoiding the sugar crash

  1. My mom makes awesome Christmas cinnamon rolls, too! I would also never miss my grandma’s sugar cookies (they’re so enormous, I just need one) even though I know they’re made with white flour, white sugar and – gasp – Crisco.

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