April goals

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Each month, I take stock of the previous month and set goals for the next one. Before I dive in, a word of encouragement: reading posts like this one can cause anxiety for me. Sometimes, I feel behind, like I need to keep up with what everyone else is doing.

Remember, we all have different callings, different resources, and limited time. Don’t let comparison steal the joy of doing what you are uniquely equipped to do in this particular season.

So, here’s how March went:

1. Finish intentional living ebook, and implement promotion plan. Thanks for all the support as Escaping Reaction; Embracing Intention went out into the world!

2. Spend time with people I want to know better on two different occasions, and visit with an online friend in real life. We had a few great evenings with friends this month. Most were spontaneous, which goes to show that intentional and spontaneous can coexist. Also, my online friend Jenn of A Simple Haven visited Charleston and we got to spend some time together.

3. Take medicine everyday. I didn’t quite take it every day but I improved dramatically over February since I knew that I set this goal.

4. Read one fiction book and finish The Creative Habit. I read The Rosie Project but returned The Creative Habit to the library before finishing it.

5. Try something new for the first time. Lots of new things this month: Mike and I tried a new restaurant, I went to an Ash Wednesday service for the first time, I started managing a brand’s Twitter account, released my first ebook and taught an online course for the Influence Network.

But it’s a new month. April, you’re up:

1. Spend an entire day with Mike to have fun and deeper conversations, hopefully in Savannah. We spent a distraction free Saturday this month, and it was so so good.

2. Ask for prayer for healing twice. I need to write this as a goal, because pride and fear talk me out of it otherwise.

3. Hang pictures in office.

4. Support ebook affiliates and establish timeline for selling the ebook on Amazon.

5. Write out prayers once a week. I hesitate to quantify when it comes to spiritual growth, but I know this habit is hugely beneficial to my relationship with God, and it hasn’t been happening. Writing it down will hopefully help me remember to follow through.

6. Celebrate my dad in a special way for his big birthday. I can’t make a trip out to visit him, but it’s a milestone birthday, so I’m trying to think of something special I can give or do.

7. Find a pair of flat, “wear every day” summer sandals.

I’m linking up with Hayley Morgan. What are your goals this month?

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12 thoughts on “April goals

  1. Last year I found a perfect pair of flats, that were actually Crocs. They looked cute, not like the original crocs, and were so comfortable! I literally wore them every day and cannot wait to get them out again!

  2. I admire your honesty about needing to write down goals like “asking for prayer” because I can relate – that isn’t easy! Thanks for being transparent!

  3. I’m so intrigued by the Ash Wednesday service, I have never been but I would like too. Next year!
    I love the idea of a distraction free day with your husband, it sounds refreshing and more do-able for us right now in this season.
    Hurrah for online friends, Jenn is such a gem.

  4. My husband and I honeymooned in Savannah. It is one of my favorite places in the world, now :). (I mean, the FOOD!)

  5. Love the idea of distraction free Saturday. I don’t do it monthly, but every once in a while I take a day to explore the city, or go write in a journal in a coffee shop, and I leave my phone at home. It’s so nice to step away from it all. I think I often expect that I’ll miss it, or need it, but – nope!

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