Allow me to introduce myself..

I’m Jacey.  I’m married to Michael.  We live in Charleston, South Carolina.  When we met, I lived in San Luis Obispo, California.  That’s what love does to you.


I love red wine, exercise, and podcasts.

I’ve been in a career crisis since I graduated from college, which is to say I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I think this blog is part of the plan.  :)

I love my close friends and family, but I guess that goes without saying- who doesn’t?  I am as loyal as a golden retriever.  I will remember your birthday.

I also have a golden retriever.  His name is Jack, and he’s precious.  He reminds me that there’s really no reason not to be beside-yourself-excited just at the prospect of waking up in the morning.

Unlike Jack, I’m an introvert, but only slightly.  Deep, one on one conversations over coffee energize me, but I stay in the background at loud parties.  I often hang up the phone or leave an interaction thinking I stumbled through it, but writing gives me the time I need to communicate with exactness.  So don’t be surprised if you meet me in person and I seem less “together.”

I am an old soul, or so I’ve been told.  The first time someone told me that, I thought she said old shoe, and I’ve never quite been able to escape the image.  I’ve spent most of my life wishing I was carefree, or quirky, or funny.  Since I’m an old shoe instead, I offer that perspective.

I finally know that some of these “personality” traits are actually spiritual.  I don’t take it lightly when I stumble upon some wisdom usually reserved for someone older, because I know that God has given me a unique treasure.  This is an “about me” post, but I can’t express myself without acknowledging God.

I am a recovering people pleaser and sweet tooth.  Over indulging in the opinions of others and sweets both give me stomach aches.

I am a seeker with a quiet strength, strong convictions and a smile.

This has been difficult to write, but I always appreciate blogs that I feel are connected to a real person on the other end, so I felt I owed you that.

3 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce myself..

  1. Hi Jacey Today I was browsing capulse wardrobe and came across your blog. I have just finished reading your 31 days. Could connect with so much of it. So I am now starting at the beginning of your blog and playing catch up. I love to do this and see how people grow over the years and how there lives might have changed. I hope that you are not so hard on yourself. Rosemary

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Rosemary. You and everyone in my life would hope that I’m not so hard on myself. It’s still a huge area of growth, but getting better. Thanks again for your note!

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