Advice from an older self

You're just getting started


My nature is to want to do everything now, to grow impatient when the fruit of my work or answers to my prayers don’t show up as quickly as I’d hoped.

Maybe that’s all of us.

Lately when I’m feeling behind or impatient or frustrated, a thought rises to the front of my mind: “Your older self wants you to know:¬†you’re just getting started.

Those women you admire, who’ve built something meaningful and rewarding? They are ten years ahead of you. You’re just getting started.

Those authors you read, and marvel at their beautifully constructed sentences? They’ve written hundreds of thousands more words than you have and been rejected more than you have. You’re just getting started.

Of the many blind spots I’m sure an older self with more perspective will point out, this will not be one of them.

I will not believe I have to do everything¬†now. I will not be frustrated when I fail or embarrass myself. (Okay, I will, but I”ll understand that what is painful now is teaching me and building a foundation for whatever comes next.)

I don’t know that age is even the most relevant factor here. We are really “just getting started” our whole lives if we are always growing. We may master some, but we’ll often be starting something new in some area of our lives.

Another piece of advice from my future self: you’re already on the path. It may not feel like it, but it never does. You don’t know who you’ll meet or what doors will open along this path, but you’re on it. Just keep walking.

What advice do you think for future self would give you, or what advice do you have now for your younger self?

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