A final word


Here we are, October 30th. Technically, this is the last day of my 31 day series, “doing less to build more,” since I wrote my first post on September 30th. I’ll have one more short bonus post tomorrow, but first, some reflection.

I started this site with the idea that a balanced wife is not one who successfully executes a balancing act, a master juggler who keeps all the balls in the air all the time.

I’ve lived my life that way, believing that it wasn’t just a ball I had to keep in the air, but a Fabergé egg. Lose the frantic pace, and I’d drop one, and it would be expensive.

The truth is that it’s expensive to live life like it’s a juggling act. That’s the message I try to communicate on this blog. Whether I’m talking about marriage, faith, work, money or health, I’m always trying to point myself and readers back to priorities.

How can we distill everything to the point that we spend the majority of our time, and thus our lives, on what truly matters? The rest can fall away.

That’s the heart of this blog, and the heart of this series.

As I look back over the topics I honed in on this month, a few themes lift off the page. Here’s the big bow around October, a look at the themes that shone through most: honesty, perspective, and grace.

Honesty (1)

A satisfying, meaningful life doesn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t happen when we’re living a lie. We experience joy and freedom when we are honest with God, ourselves, and the people in our lives. We have to show up as our real selves.

Things it’s hard to be honest about:

our strengths and personality style

how much time and money we have

when we need a hand

the reality of our lives, without the shine and sparkle of a performance

when it’s time to move on

what we enjoy, and what we don’t


Mike has a great ability to take the long term view. I get stuck in the nitty gritty. I am great at executing details, but lose sight of the big picture.

When dinner isn’t coming together and it’s late, remember that this is one dinner.

When saying no feels like a sacrifice, remember that you’re leaving room for your sanity and for something better.

When your inner child yells, “But I want it!” about something you choose not to buy, think about how much more meaningful debt freedom or achieving your savings goal will be.

When it looks like everyone else is doing more, better, faster than you, know that you don’t have the full story, or the same purpose.

When you feel behind, remember that you’re just getting started.

When you feel lack and scarcity closing in on you, choose to believe in abundance instead.

When you feel weak and afraid, remember that His power is made perfect in your weakness.

Honesty (2)

I’ve been told that I’m too hard on myself for most of my life. Perhaps the most important words I have extended in this series are the ones that give us grace.

You don’t like to cook and clean? That’s okay. Find ways to spend less time doing it.

You’re struggling financially through no one’s fault but your own? That’s okay. It’s redeemable.

Your life is messier than you admit on Instagram? That’s okay. Invite people in; they’re not waiting to be impressed, just loved.

You’re too quiet, too talkative, too ambitious, too complacent? You’re not too much anything. Whoever you are, be that to the fullest.

You’ve been mindlessly surfing the Internet for hours? That’s okay. Be more focused next time, but this time, I’m glad you landed here.

From this point, I’ll be back on a regular posting schedule of two to four posts a week. If you want to keep reading, you can subscribe here, or like my Facebook page.

Thank you for walking with me through this series. It has been one of the most challenging, exciting, scary and wonderful things I’ve done all year.

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  1. It has been a great series! I attempted to do 31 Days last year, and it is a TON of work. Way to go for sticking with it.

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