9 things I learned in September

Things I learned in September

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Emily Freeman writes a post each month about things she’s learned. She shares things that are educational, introspective, celebrity related, inspirational, as well as useful services or products she’s tried. I’m joining her for the fourth time this month. I’m a lifelong learner, y’all. Here’s 9 things from September:

1. Lupus, according to the blood work, remains stable and low grade. I saw my doctor the day after the 12th anniversary of my diagnosis. We are optimistic and grateful.

2. God’s presence is enough. This has settled into my soul as of late: God hasn’t healed you yet, but He has always been with you. His presence itself is a gift.

3. I am number 113 on the waiting list at my library for The Husband’s Secret, but it is available for $5.99 on Kindle! Airplane reading, here I come!

4. How to use MailChimp to deliver blog posts. I’ve been wanting to transition away from Feedburner, and I finally spent some frustrating hours designing a template and testing different opt in forms on my site.

I don’t have it right yet, but subscribers can now choose to get every new post, or to get weekly or monthly updates. I like choices!

If you’re already a subscriber and want to change to weekly or monthly, just scroll to the bottom of the email and click “update subscription preferences.” If you’re not a subscriber, use my new form and get updates to your inbox!

5. If I write about something on my blog, and then contradict myself with my actions the same day, it’s a new level of conviction. 

6. How to ideally size images for social media 

7. Dan Pink, author of To Sell is Human and several other fascinating books, hosts a podcast! I love listening to podcasts. I listen while I drive, do dishes, and walk the dog.

Dan Pink’s Office Hours podcast has hosted Gretchen Rubin, Susan Cain, Dan Ariely, and more. I recommend it if you’re interested in social science and psychology. It’s a great balance between entertainment and education. I love his Ted Talk as well.

8. I get more done just by assigning a time to something than I do when I have a list of tasks. 

9. I enjoyed painting more than I expected. I work for Go Charleston Deals, and we have a deal with a local artist for a private painting party. We got the opportunity to test the deal before it ran.

I tend to stay away from painting, drawing and crafts because my lack of natural ability frustrates me. My brain hurt while I was painting, like when you’re focusing to learn something new, but I enjoyed the challenge.

I did hit a wall eventually and declare my painting “done” while everyone else was still painting, but it was an overall enjoyable experience.

What about you? What have you learned recently?

8 thoughts on “9 things I learned in September

  1. Great thoughts! #2 – oh yes! So good to hear again. #9 – I recently did a painting party with my husband where they walk you step by step through how to paint a specific picture. We had so much fun even though ours turned out totally different!
    Visiting from chatting at the sky.

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