8 things I learned in June

Emily Freeman writes a post each month about things she’s learned. She shares things that are educational, informative, celebrity related, inspirational, and useful services or products she’s tried. This month, she’s invited others to link to her post with their own list of things they’ve learned in June. Here I present to you that list.

1. Hosting a large-ish party complete with a meal and decorations, something I’ve never done before, was more work than expected but also totally worth it. Mike has been working on his PhD our entire married life, until May 13th when he became Dr. Mike. The idea of throwing a party to celebrate terrified me, but I did it anyway, and I’m so glad.

2. How to use Pic Stitch. I’m very slow when it comes to Instagram, although it is quickly becoming my favorite social media platform. I asked my in house technology adviser, Dr. Mike himself, how people post Instagrams with multiple pictures and other effects not available in the Instagram app. He introduced me to Pic Stitch, which I downloaded immediately and used for the first time a month later. It’s fun!

3. “Advisor” and “Adviser” are both acceptable spellings. I learned that this minute when I was writing number 2 and had to Google it. Adviser is the primary spelling, which kind of freaks me out. I’ve always thought of spelling as right or wrong, but apparently, I was wrong…

4. Using cash for restaurants is a very helpful way to stay in budget. We always struggle with this category, so we finally tried cash this month and didn’t overspend!

5. Making homemade ricotta is easier than I thought, and so much tastier than store bought!

6. An open mind opens doors. I got a call about the company I work for partnering with another local company. My immediate reaction was to be wary because I’d heard of this company as a competitor in the past. I returned the call, and learned that they’ve changed their business model. A partnership under their new model will be a huge benefit to us.

7. You should always carry an umbrella in Charleston during this time of year. Don’t be fooled by sunny skies. A thunderstorm could break at any moment. I’ve arrived wet to more than one appointment this week.

Charleston flooding
I left the house and it was sunny. Two hours later, driving home…

8. I need a break from social media. I’m not fasting or boycotting Facebook for changing  the image sizes on my feed. But I do notice myself using social media to procrastinate or distract me from real life work more than usual.

I felt unsettled after a phone call this week, and immediately checked to see how a Facebook post was received. No new likes and no new comments left me feeling more anxious.

I’ve read the studies about how spending more time on the internet and social media increases anxiety and depression, and I can see why. I’ll still be posting and checking in, but I’m reestablishing boundaries for my mental health.

Question: What did you learn in June? Comment here or link your own post on Emily Freeman’s blog!

4 thoughts on “8 things I learned in June

  1. Congratulations to your husband! Numbers 3 & 7 had me laughing out loud, as I have recently experienced both. Might I add to number 7 that one needs to be sure to be parked on “high ground” (yeah total oxymoron for the lowcountry) – esp. when high tide is approaching?! Loved the list.

    1. Jennifer- luckily I was in a parking garage for the flooding pictured on this post! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I loved your list. Thank you for sharing #3… I use this word daily as I work at a college…. I started out with o and then switched to e due to auto correct… Now, I know I haven’t been spelling it wrong for all those years…

    Stopping by from Emily’s. :)

    1. Hi Lyli- you have a really awesome name! I had no idea there was more than one way to spell adviser. I saw in your list that you recently read Bread and Wine. So did I, and I loved it as much as you did. :)

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