8 things I learned in August

8 things I learned in August

Emily Freeman writes a post each month about things she’s learned. She shares things that are educational, introspective, celebrity related, inspirational, as well as useful services or products she’s tried. I’m joining her for the third time this month. Here’s my list for August, y’all:

1. If you were to eat at a different restaurant every night in Charleston, it would take almost 13 years to try them all.

I learned that when we went on a Charleston Culinary Tour to celebrate Mike’s birthday, which was both educational and delicious. (The Gorgonzola mac and cheese above is from the tour. YUM!)

2. I really and truly do not enjoy browsing stores when I’m not planning to buy anything.

My mom and I browsed West Elm and it brought up so much anxiety. Instead of appreciating the beauty and possibility, I wanted all the things and felt frustrated with my finances, ungrateful for the home I have and its many lacking pieces. I’ve had an embarrassingly hard time separating my self worth from what I have or earn, and if window shopping threatens my progress, I’m willing to avoid it.

3. You can get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic before 5AM in the Bay Area.

Road construction wraps up at 5:00 apparently, which meant bumper to bumper on 880, which my dad not so affectionately refers to as the worst freeway in the Bay Area. I thankfully made my flight, and it didn’t even matter that I forgot to check in on time and got a C boarding pass because all the A’s and B’s had boarded by the time I reached the gate anyway.

4. According to the research, Instagram is more depressing than Facebook

5. It’s worth it to pass up what looks like a good deal for personal services when you already have someone you like. I won’t go into details for your sake, but take my word for it.

6. How to (theoretically) run a virtual assistant business.

I’ve offered a variety of services as an independent contractor over the years, and I recently decided to package my skill set and seek more clients as a virtual assistant. I have some experience, but I turned to a true expert to learn more. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in working as a virtual assistant!

7. It is possible for me to go multiple consecutive days without dessert.

I have a sweet tooth, which is a nice way of saying I have a problem. By not bringing sweets into my home, I successfully avoided sugar for five consecutive days. Then my husband went out of town and I fell off the wagon. But I proved to myself I can do it, and I will have victory over sugar.

8. Thanks to my grandma and others gifting me U.S. savings bonds when I was born, I learned this month that I now have a stash of cash for when my computer (inevitably) needs replacing!

What did you learn this month? Are you addicted to sugar, depressed by Instagram or window shopping too?

6 thoughts on “8 things I learned in August

  1. It’s all how you look at it. I don’t find FB or Instagram depressing. Sometimes I do waste my time there and that might be depressing, but for different reasons, I think, than you’re referencing.

  2. what a fun post! Charleston is definitely on my bucket list of culinary tourist travel…waiting for the kiddos to get a little bigger. I can let comparison steal my joy so I try not to take Facebook or Instagram too seriously. Yes, totally addicted to sugar.

    1. I actually visited Charleston with my family when I was 10. It has a lot of offer older kids. I didn’t come back until I moved here two years ago! Taking a break from social media on the weekends has made such a big difference for me.

  3. Way to go on no sugar! I love the stuff too. I can do okay on not eating cane sugar if I have dates or something to munch on but otherwise it’s torture. :-)

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