7 things I learned in July

From my iPhoto archives: SF, Big Sur, SLO

Emily Freeman writes a post each month about things she’s learned. She shares things that are educational, introspective, celebrity related, inspirational, as well as useful services or products she’s tried. I jumped in last month and had so much fun that I’m doing it again! Here’s my list, y’all:

1. There are thin, mostly invisible threads still holding a piece of my heart in California. I watched the setting sun and the flickering bridge lights as my plane descended over the Bay, and my little heart leapt and wept all at once. I am grateful to simultaneously have a life I love so much and a past that I overflow at the joy of remembering.

2. Some basic font and typography lessons, courtesy of Google. I wanted to update the fonts on my website, so I started looking into basic font guidelines. I found a couple fonts in the same family as my logo, and I think it looks much better. Still a work in progress, but it’s a start.

3. I (still) love Gilmore Girls! I made the sad mistake of giving away the seasons I owned when I moved, but I recently borrowed seasons 5 and 6 from the library. It’s been long enough that I forgot the details and it’s like catching up with old friends. I know I just referred to fictional characters as friends, but I don’t care. Oh, Lorelai, oh, Rory, how I’ve missed you. If you’re a fellow aficionado, you might enjoy this quiz: How Well Do You Know “Gilmore Girls?”

Gilmore girls

4. You can borrow DVDs from the library. Borrow. Like, for free. I guess I knew that before, but I always assumed movies at the library would be lame. They actually have some pretty recent ones! Since I can browse online, it’s easy to see if they have what I want and put it on hold.

Jack thoroughly enjoyed borrowing The Dark Knight Rises from the library
Jack thoroughly enjoyed borrowing The Dark Knight Rises from the library

5. Social media free weekends are more restful. I haven’t been super legalistic about it, but I’ve started trying to keep my weekends social media free. It’s helped me realize how much energy and time I spend staring at screens. It’s one thing when I need to work during the week, but social media is completely optional, especially on the weekend, and it’s nice to have a break. Read this hearty food for thought on the subject.

6. We are out of toilet paper. All out. There was not one square of toilet paper to be found anywhere right before I left for my trip. I guess I’m including this information because I seem pretty together most of the time if all you know about me is this blog, and I just wanted to assure you that I’m not. I often forget to buy key household necessities like toilet paper, toothpaste, and deodorant.

7. A sense of making progress is the key to happiness at work, according to an analysis of 12,000 work diaries by Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile and developmental psychologist Steven Kramer. (I learned this from Laura Vanderkam’s July newsletter.)

What did you learn in July? Do you have thoughts on social media, the library, Gilmore Girls?

4 thoughts on “7 things I learned in July

  1. I love Gilmore Girls! I may need to pull mine out again. Thanks for the reminder.
    Visiting from Emily’s linkup. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    1. Shay, thanks for stopping by! I have definitely been binging on Gilmore Girls while on vacation. Highly recommend!

  2. 1) “I am grateful to simultaneously have a life I love so much and a past that I overflow at the joy of remembering.” YES. 3) I’ve never watched it but enjoy the Lorelei actress on _Parenthood_. Pleased to make your acquaintance via Chatting at the Sky.

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